Joe’s Cafe

Client Solution Overview:

Website, Branding, & Marketing

Joe’s Cafe Commercial Ad

30 Second commercial spot

Scope of Work: Rebranding and Optimizing an Online Presence

A local donut chain, Joe’s Café contracted with JBC to improve all marketing assets and rebrand the company.

When JBC took over the account, there were 3 locations with multiple marketing challenges.  There were no branding guidelines, the website was a single landing page, and each location operated with independent menus and marketing.  Even though the restaurants offered donuts, breakfast, and food, the public perceived that they only served donuts.

JBC rebranded Joe’s Café & Donuts, prepared and executed a marketing strategy, assumed all marketing responsibilities, built a new website with online ordering and e-commerce capabilities, fostered nonprofit relationships, and generated multiple public relations opportunities.

Joe’s Café now operates 6 locations with further plans for expansion.  Website traffic has grown from less than 1,000 to nearly 10,000 monthly users.