Complete Logistical Services

Scope of Work: Expanding a Brand Using SEO and SEM Strategies

Complete Logistical Services (CLS), a leading Louisiana employment agency approached JBC with challenges related to the company’s branding, website, and digital assets.

Originally established as a maritime staffing company, CLS had difficulty communicating the company’s expansion into staffing services for other industries.  The website was a simple one page scrolling landing page with a job openings link.  It received very little traffic with high bounce rates.  The marketing efforts returned few conversions; and in many instances were not trackable. JBC worked closely with the CLS team to identify the challenges and goals.  JBC worked with the company to rebrand as a responsive staffing company offering solutions for all industries.  JBC developed a marketing strategy, rebrand, new website to address these challenges.  These elements were completed in less than 60 days.

The company’s visibility in local and national search dramatically improved immediately and continues to improve daily with ongoing SEO and SEM strategies. Organic traffic to the web has nearly tripled with a bounce rate of less than 6%. Conversions have improved significantly.

Due to a tough labor market, the need for finding qualified applicants for open positions has been challenging to multiple employers and staffing agencies.  To help the company stand apart from the competition and major job sites, JBC initiated the Get to Work Fast campaign.  JBC launched a marketing campaign and a landing page for tracking ( Any job seeker applying for a job or uploading a resume to the company website, will receive a response from a CLS recruiter in one business day or less.  It addressed the common challenges and complaints by anyone seeking a job – (1) Ghosting – not hearing back from a company once a resume is submitted; (2) Bots – non-human resume reviews and rejections.

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