Bayou Phoenix

Scope of Work: branding, marketing, and public relations strategy

JBC began assisting the Bayou Phoenix team in the pre-bid activities, to build community support behind the Bayou Phoenix proposal, using multi-media presentations and PR.

It is important to note JBC’s extraordinarily fast and effective turnaround in this project. The company was contracted 2 weeks prior to the first pre-bid presentation. In less than 2 weeks, JBC prepared and executed a marketing and public relations campaign that involved video production, multi-media presentations, digital assets, as well as public awareness and support. Bayou Phoenix (considered the underdog in the selection process) was selected as a finalist in the RFQ process. Thereafter, JBC continued the marketing and public relations outreach throughout the RFP process. Competing against a team led by Drew Brees, Bayou Phoenix won public support and the bid to redevelop the site.

JBC continues to support the Bayou Phoenix team in organizing and executing public meetings, marketing, and public relations activities, and building a new website (currently in production).

Website Design:

Video Content

Social Media

Print Media