For business owners, social media platforms enable you to connect with your customers and potential clients through regular, engaging content. However, many companies are still unaware of the benefits of social media marketing. Generating relevant content is just the first step. JB Communications will work with your business to build targeted audiences, improve engagement, and recommend the right ad placements and social media mix based on your demographic and budget. Here are six reasons why social media marketing might be right for your business.

1. Increase Your Brand Awareness

Defining your brand begins with an original concept that represents your business and its culture that can be expressed throughout all aspects of your company. Your social media presence is one facet of an effective brand strategy. With the average American spending over two hours on social media every day, platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are the perfect places to share information about your brand and mission.  Each medium attracts a different demographic; your social media mix depends on your target audience. 

2. Social Media Has Probably Been Alive as Long as Your Business

The first “official” example of social media was a website called Six Degrees and came to fruition in 1997.  As far as social media sites go, Six Degrees was relatively small (peaking at 3.5 million users). However, it made history by allowing users to set up profiles and connect with other users by using their email addresses. Other industry beasts, such as MySpace and Facebook, elevated this system by gearing their platforms towards User interaction. Today, all major social media platforms use an interface that allows users to easily sign up and connect with one another. In the year 2020, over 3.8 billion people around the world use social media!

3. Brand Loyalty

Building and maintaining a consistent customer base is the fundamental goal of any company and engaging with your customers is the best way to maintain a meaningful connection. When you share content that is relevant to your brand and your audience’s interests, you remind them why they chose your product or services to begin with. Generating regular updates and reminders is the best way to maintain healthy customer retention. And it costs less than other methods of advertising! Social media platforms wear many hats. While people are entertained by goofy memes and informed by news on social media, these platforms provide you with an opportunity to control your company’s narrative and reach out to your customers.  

4. Social Media Marketing is Cost-Effective

Posting is free! Once you build your audience, each post has the potential to reach hundreds, if not thousands, of customers. Because social media algorithms limit the number of people who can see a post for free, a marketing team can use digital marketing tools, such as “boosting” and strategic targeted ads, to spread your message even further. JBC will work with your company to develop content that aligns with your brand and generates interest within your audience. Taking advantage of cost-effective marketing options will help you obtain a greater return on investment (ROI) and give you more money to spend on other marketing options, such as media buys.

5. Share Time-Sensitive Business Updates

Once you’ve built a social media following, you make it easier for customers to find updated information about your business. When you make abrupt changes having to do with things like hours, menu items, special offers and events, social media is the marketing tool that will help you deliver information to the public quickly and easily. A strong social media presence also enables your loyal fan base to tag your business and share their positive experiences.

6. Social Media Improves SEO Rankings

Social media affects your company’s ranking on search engines. Linking your posts back to your website increases web traffic and brand awareness. If you target the right audience, users will click on your attached links because the subject matter is of interest to them. Additionally, if your posts use the right keywords, you will notice your posts show up on search engine searches. That is because search engines include everything that is on the internet, including your social presence. A professional marketing firm, like JB Communications, will help you create content that is beneficial for your rankings and will help more people find your products and services.

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